AMD Betting Everything on OpenCL

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Posted: 5 years 20 weeks ago

"Fusion is either going to carry AMD through to the victory parade, or drag it through the streets for a pelting in the village stocks. The whole future of AMD's CPU division rests on GPGPU computing being catapulted into the mainstream. If this happens, the company's APUs can theoretically obliterate Intel's CPUs in GPU-accelerated apps, and thump Core i7 like AMD64 thumped Pentium 4. If it doesn't, however, then AMD's CPU future is going to look pretty bleak.

What is AMD doing to ensure that the OpenCL revolution kicks off? How will Llano compete with Sandy Bridge if it doesn't? Would AMD even consider producing an ARM PC CPU like Nvidia? We're joined by AMD's manager of Fusion software marketing Terry Makedon, and head of product marketing for desktops and Fusion software, Sasa Marinkovic, to find out."



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I know how you feel, more work less less talk.. I'd like to see the future now.

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stop talking make it happen.