Work on PlayStation 4 underway, may include fewer custom parts

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Posted: 5 years 20 weeks ago

"The real news is that Sony may be focusing on using less-expensive components that can be ordered in larger quantities at a lower price. When you're trying to launch a system with as much new tech as the PlayStation 3, you're spending a lot of money on components, and you may be suffering from low yields as the high-end components are mass produced..."



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The playstation 4 will probably be launched in a couple of years. They are spending more time on the development of portable stuff. The PS3 still has enough power to play the latest games. Don't think consoles will ever become mainstream over Pc's. Time will tell.

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If consoles become mainstream, I won't be gaming much :/

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Not trying to offend Sony for trying to advance but This is ridiculous, only now the games for PS3 are starting to really 'stack up', good quality games aswell like Uncharted 3, infamous 2, Resistance 3 and so on.

But the PS2 is still selling today and that's lasted a very long time, they should do the same for the PS3.

PC hardware is starting to slow down right now, gameshaven't even used this generation of video cards or CPU's to the full yet with stuff like Tesselation so PS4 won't be that much more powerful especially if they're trying to keep the costs down.

They need to keep bringing out good quality games for at least another year or two, then go into VR(virtual reality =P) time will tell, I'm looking forward to this year's E3 in June, Sony might give details or say it's a fake rumour.

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Meh, just another piece of crap hardware that they'll just want to control every little thing you do on it.

If they're going to be using higher end stuff for it, I wonder how much more money we'll have to pay for the games..

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Just when I'm thinking PS3 was looking good to buy after they fix the security problems.. What do you think the life expectancy is for PS3 now?

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