Computer Use Linked to Teenage Drinking

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Posted: 5 years 21 weeks ago

"A report in the online edition of the Addictive Behaviors journal showed a survey done by the Weill Cornell Medical College headed by Dr. Jennifer Epstein linking the use of computers to teenage drinking. In the activity that they conducted, teens aged 13 to 17 years old who had their share of alcoholic beverages in the last month also registered more hours spent on a computer, not including school-related work done using it. There was also a link between frequent social networking and music downloading to their alcohol consumption. No significant relationship was established, though, for video games or online shopping and teenage drinking."




I do not agree a 100% on this article,because I am a 21 years old gamer. I play 15-20 a week on my pc, and I maybe drink 1-4 times each month.


I am a teen, I do not drink, yet I spend a lot more time on the computer than my peers who do actually drink.

They are dumping everyone who uses computers into a bucket together. The study should have been whether or not social networking is linked to teen drinking. In my opinion, social networking sites do make teens drink more. Many teens are easily influence by what their friends do, so if one friend posts a picture of them drinking on a social networking site, their friends will join in.


That's straight BS.
I'm 20 years old(Not so teen anymore I'm afraid), spend at least 2/3 of my day in a computer, I'm an enthusiast and I'm a Computer Engineering graduate and I drank only once or twice in my life at new years eve or something like that.
You know what's a better study? I believe that teens who stay in front of the computer gaming and stuff are most likely NOT to drink because they aren't going to this stupid parties, raves whatever where they get encouraged to do it.

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Rodney Reynolds,


These surveys are complete nonsense. Who ever conducted this survey can go hang themselves. Get a REAL job. There are people who will study and be nice and good and will never ever do anything exciting in their lives. And there are people that will have 5 girlfriends at a time, drink, drive, fight, will not study, will maybe even fail school, etc...People just choose their life the way they want it to be. Stop blaming computer for EVERYTHING. If it weren't for computers you wouldn't be alive. Have you tought how many lives are saved because or computers in medicine, in the police, in the fire department, in the EVERYWHERE...Leave computers alone and GET A LIFE. I am a gamer and I spend a lot of time playing games, I work, I hang out with friends and girlfriend but I don't drink alcohol nor do I smoke nor do I drink coffee and I am hiking every weekend. So what now survey guys? Yeah, get a life.