Sony Hackers Take Canada

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Posted: 5 years 22 weeks ago

"Apparently it's still "cool" to hack anything to do with Sony.

On Tuesday, Sony Ericsson Canada's eShop, an online store for mobile phones and accessories, was breached, exposing the personal details of thousands of users. Sony Ericsson has disabled the website and claims it was not conncted to any Sony Ericsson servers.

"On 24 May, Sony Ericsson can confirm that it experienced a security breach of an externally hosted website in Canada," said a spokesperson. "As a result, approximately 2000 customer records, including first name, last name, email addresses and the hash of the encrypted passwords were obtained by an outside party.

"No additional personal or credit card details have been compromised.""



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At least is was only 2000 people this time.. sigh

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