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"Carl Ippolito, 52, a youth baseball umpire, returned to his car after a game to find his iPhone was missing. With a regular phone, the story would have ended there, but luckily (for we the media that is, not Ippolito) Ippolito had an iPhone, and so did his son. Together the pair used Find My iPhone on his son’s iPhone to track Carl’s missing phone to an alley near a lumber yard. There Ippolito came upon hapless Brent Johnson, 27, who just happened to be talking on an iPhone. What happened next is pure awesomeness:

“Police said that Johnson tried to walk away, but Ippolito grabbed his shirt, pulled the younger man to the ground and punched his head and body. Johnson’s chin was cut. Ippolito later learned that he had inadvertently left his cell phone in the snack shack at the baseball field, where he had been umpiring a youth baseball game, police said, and it was still there. Patrolman Vince Albani investigated.”"




why do steroids come into play?
well i think its funny that you have associated steroids with baseball,

i think you should perhaps be a little clearer, statistically speaking steroids have saved more lives then they have taken.

maybe your referring to illegal steroid use ?

here is what probably happened, 27 year old man in on his phone to his girlfriend in the ally, screaming at the dumb B*tch for not paying his outrageous iphone bill,

then so called steroid user 50 yr old man comes screaming at him saying give me my phone, man turns around and tells him he looks like a 50 yr old pen*s wrapped in an umpires outfit and then politly points him in the direction of the local nut house.

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I'd first, report it stolen, then get it deactivated... that's if I had a phone.

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I think you just offended most sports fans. I recommend only talking on your iPhone when there's no one around ;)

Could be all the steroid use :/

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Baseball players are borderline retarded and this just proves it. No one buys an Iphone because they are smart.. it's just about looking cool.. sad. That guy better sue the **** out of him!

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