Playboy Bypasses Apple's App Store

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Posted: 5 years 22 weeks ago

"Playboy finally arrived—uncensored—on the iPad Thursday, but not through Apple's prudish App Store. It came as an iPad-optimized Web app, which means it doesn't have to abide by the App Store's rules or share subscription revenue with Apple. Sounds like a sweet deal. Is it a model that will be attractive to other magazines? Obviously, Playboy had little choice but to go the route of a Web app with its uncensored iPad offering. While Playboy does have an app in the App Store, that doesn't offer anything near the content of the magazine. Because of restrictions against nudity and pornography in the App Store guidelines, it never could. But there are advantages to Playboy's approach that extend beyond sidestepping the censors."



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I think the bigger problem here was buying the iPad.

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