Video Game Playing Increases Food Intake In Teens

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Posted: 5 years 22 weeks ago

"There have been plenty of anecdotal associations between gaming and obesity. Now Canadian and Danish researchers have tested the hypothesis that video game playing leads to increased spontaneous food intake; a true test of causation vs. correlation. Their conclusion? 'A single session of video game play in healthy male adolescents is associated with an increased food intake, regardless of appetite sensations (abstract).'"



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I find it hard to eat while trying to play a game competitively or if I have to put effort in, maybe if I had another pair of hands.

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Sometimes I find myself eating and drinking at the computer more so than I should.

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Mostly I drink a lot of coffee when I'm gaming and if there are snacks like a bag of chips that'll be finished in less than 30 min. My game performance = 0 %

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Funny, for me, I have no interest to snake when I game, now if I'm watching a movie, LOOK OUT!

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