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Posted: 5 years 23 weeks ago

"What happened in the gaming industry? What happened to our expectations of what a quality game is supposed to be? In today’s industry a game can be a brilliant linear story line with amazing gameplay that can move you emotionally and thrill you, but it won’t sell because the ending doesn’t change or there is no multiplayer. I am sometimes ashamed at the video game community when they refuse to buy a game not because it is a bad game, but because it doesn’t meet our “replayability” checklist. Have we become spoiled by the aspect of multiplayer that we demand every game to have it? Do reviewers push their idea of replayability down our throats due to our much faster routes of communicating through the internet? Am I simply stupid and not up to speed on how I am supposed to think?.." | Read More



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No way, a game doesn't need multiplayer, unless it's a massive multiplayer game like World of Warcraft obviously =/

Otherwise multipleyer is a kind of extra/add on to me, I love a great Story, characters and atmosphere that alot of single player only games have, back in my PS2 days developers HAD to make the story etc brilliant and focus on that more because they didn't have PSN or XBOX LIVE, I miss those days.

The multiplayer part can be brilliant aswell just don't take away from the story/single player just for it.

I hate how most multiplayer today is just repetative and 'rehashed' rubbish like *ugh hum* call of duty and those kind of games, just so boring and bad quality.

Maybe when GTA V is released it'll change this, go back to the way San Andreas was, I could play that for hours and hours and still think of different and cool stuff to do, good times =)

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My expectation for games are not what they used to be either :/

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Dan's rant on Replayability is a good read IMHO. :)

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