The Internet Makes a Lousy Babysitter (VIDEO)

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Posted: 5 years 24 weeks ago

"Parents need to get educated and get control of what is going on in their house. The campaign is a wake up call to parents that the internet makes a lousy babysitter and pornography is just a typo away. More resources and tools for parents can be found at"




When I was in middle school, I've seen a couple tech savvy kids bypass the school's firewalls in the computer lab quite easily. I've heard one even made a keylogger to get the password to disable the monitoring software, I have my doubts for obvious reasons, but when I look up how to make a keylogger, it seems like something I can throw together in a few minutes.

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Most times, you are right- 98% of the time the kids know more about how to hide where they have been online than the adults do. I remember when I first started in on the internet (mind you it was going at 28kpb... and the only language was html and partial java...) I knew more about the internet than my mom and dad did, and even knew more than the teachers that were trying to show me how to USE it. Parents need to teach themselves or take classes to keep up with the tech savvy out there.

And as far as passwords go? please... I got through so many, I even got myself in trouble in high school-- got suspended for hacking ('95). The kids are much more aware than you all think- they know how to get around passwords and sneak into computer systems... I did it back in the 90's. What's to say they don't know how to get into the new ones? Like I said- PARENTS, you need to know what you're kid knows. You need to know what all the 'gibberish' that they are talking is actually about.


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A simple password on the computers should work.

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Yea, no kidding. It won't take long before kids are searching for all kinds of crazy stuff. The Internet is still like the wild west and our kids need to be protected. I bet most parents don't even know what their kids are doing online.

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