Internet bandwidth cap is pure evil

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Posted: 5 years 23 weeks ago

So you're paying a fortune for your Internet access and it's fast, but it's capped. I'm with Rogers (Robbers) here in Canada and I'm paying for their fastest service, but it's capped at 175GB? Make sense? NO. Why would their fastest premium service have a low bandwidth cap of only 175GB. The same reason all over their services have a cap, to GOUGE their customers and make massive profits. Well, I'm dropping Roger and going to try TekSavvy. What's your feeling on this?



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I've been using the Rogers Express tier for years now and I always go above the 60GB monthly limit. The only reason I am sticking to Rogers is because I get a 50% employee discount.

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wow thats ridiculous

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175GB cap is ridiculous.. I might have a slow connection but with unlimited I don't have to worry and can live my life free on the internet.

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It's simple these motherf*****rs are trying to get more subscribers without investing more money. My internet is trying to file a case so they can do the same. These kind of topics make my blood like hot liquid magma I'm gonna go cool off before I go on a rampage in the nearest children playground.