AMD slashes processor prices

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Posted: 5 years 25 weeks ago

"Earlier this week AMD quietly introduced new processor pricing lists and consumers can look forward to significantly lower prices, particularly in the mid-range.

Athlon II prices have dropped between 2 and 25 percent depending on the SKU. The popular Athlon II X4 645 dropped from $112 to $102, while the energy efficient 605e dropped from $122 to $98, making it a rather good deal. Dual core Athlons saw cuts between 3 and 12 percent, while triple cores dropped between 5 and 25 percent.

There are quite a few bargains in the Phenom department as well. The dual-core 560 dropped from $102 to $90. The energy efficient quad-core 905e was slashed from $165 to just $100. Prices of all 9xx Black Edition parts dropped by more than 10 percent. There were also some cuts in the six-core range, and the flagship Phenom II X6 dropped from $239 to $205."