US judge rules IP addresses are not enough

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Posted: 5 years 24 weeks ago

"P2P legal trolls have heart attack. The booming industry of legal P2P trolls have just received a huge setback in the US. For a while legal outfits have been seeing an IP address on a torrent cloud and contacting the ISP where the address is hosted. They then get a court order demanding that details of the IP address be handed over to them so that the fileshare can be sued. They usually do not sue, but instead get an out of court settlement and split the cash with the movie studios. However that will be turned around after U.S. Judge Harold Baker has ruled that IP addresses aren't people. He denied a Canadian porn company VPR subpoenas for personal information in a copyright infringement lawsuit. Judge Baker noted that the embarrassment of public exposure might be too great, the legal system too daunting and expensive, for some to ask whether VPR has competent evidence to prove its case."



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OMG, finally a judge with brain cells.. :D

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