PlayStation hack: Sony blames Anonymous hacktivists

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Posted: 5 years 25 weeks ago

"Sony has said the that the hackers who stole more than 100 million users' personal details from its online gaming systems left a file implicating Anonymous, the internet activist collective. In a detailed letter about the security breach to a US Congressional committee, Kazuo Hirai, chairman of the electronics giant, said the the file discovered by investigators was named "Anonymous" with the words "We are Legion", part of the Anonymous motto. He also linked the breach, which began on April 16, to denial of service attacks on Sony systems launched by Anonymous in response to legal action against George Hotz."



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I think Sony has a right to sue people hacking their game system. I don't agree with Anonymous this time around, but if anything can be said of this, Sony will harden down their stuff. It is pretty clean that these people are playing games if it matter this much to them. I'm just surprised that gamers have not ratted them out by now.

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