Norton Antivirus 2011 for $14.99

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Posted: 5 years 25 weeks ago

Another crazy Newegg deal. I know many can't afford Antivirus software, but you need it and at this price grab it, use code "NORTON5X2". Oh, deal ends on 5/8/2011. BTW: Regular price on this is $59.To get this deal click here. Check out Symantic's site for more info.

Why Choose Norton™ AntiVirus 2011?
  • Protects your PC against the latest viruses, spyware, and other threats.
  • Delivers fast, powerful online protection to keep you a step ahead of cyber attacks.
  • Lets you chat, email and share files without worry.
  • Updates automatically, offers easy-to-use features and includes free customer support during your subscription period. *

Protects your PC against the latest known viruses, spyware, and other threats

  • Norton Reputation Service instantly checks where files came from and how long they’ve been around to identify and stop new crimeware faster than other, less sophisticated security software.
  • Norton Protection System uses several overlapping layers of protection that work together to stop viruses, spyware and other online attacks.
  • Norton Pulse Updates provides up-to-the-minute updates that protect against the latest threats without slowing down your computer.
  • SONAR 3 Behavioral Protection monitors your PC for suspicious behavior to quickly detect new online threats.