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Video Review #955: Hiper Type RII 680W & Type M 780W PSUs

The Hiper Type RII 680W & Type M 780W Power Supplies perform very well, are efficient and come with a quiet 135mm fan. The Type RII 680W Power Supply really stands out in the looks department. Available in blue and black it comes with a 135mm blue LED silver fan and USB connections. There are 8 USB ports and 1 portable device charger port. Watch the video to find out more.

Video Review #956: Thermaltake Armor+ MX Case (VH8000BWS)

The Thermaltake Armor+ MX Case offer lots of great features. One bug plus with this case is air circulation. With two 120mm fans as well as a massive 23cm fan on the left side panel it provides tremendous airflow. This will keep the computer components inside the case cool in any environment. This case also has a tooless design for installation of drives in the drive bays and cards in the expansion slots. Watch the video to find out more.

Video Review #958: Soyo Graphite Series 22" LCD HDTV

If your're in the market for a small LCD HDTV that has great picture quality at an affordable price, be sure to check out the Soyo Graphite Series 22" LCD HDTV (SYTPT2238AB).

Modern Warfare 2 Special Ops Impressions

GamesCom 2009 is officially underway here in Cologne, Germany. While the show has a heavy focus on European games, there’s still a huge presence of American games. But few games from the States are as high profile as Modern Warfare 2. We opened the show by checking out that game's new Special Ops mode, which expands on the format of the short, action-packed Mile High Club bonus level from Call of Duty 4 and adds some interesting new bells and whistles.

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Trailer

Screw this Uncharted nonsense, I want a Naughty Dog-developed Crash Bandicoot franchise reboot

Microsoft Attacks Mac With iMovie Clone (MSFT, AAPL)

Microsoft is starting to shoot back at some of Apple's strengths. Its latest move is to release a free, simple video editing tool to compete with Apple's iMovie. The new Windows Live Movie Maker has a cumbersome name -- no surprise, given who made it -- but in the demo video embedded below, it looks simple and functional.

'Awful' Internet Rules Released

"NetChoice, a trade group that identifies and fights threats aimed at online communities and e-commerce, released iAWFUL, a list of America's 10 worst legislative and regulatory proposals targeted at the Internet. At the top of the list is a Maine law that would require e-commerce sites to get parental approval before collecting minors' personal information. According to the NetChoice site, 'lawmakers approved the measure despite the fact that Web sites have no means to confirm such consent...

Video Review #959: NorthQ Black Magic Flex 650W & 850W Power Supplies

Both of these power supplies are identical except for the specifications and connections. The 650W model is geared towards mid to high-end rigs and the 850W model is best suited high-end to hardcore computer systems. The NorthQ Black Magic Flex 650W & 850W Power Supplies offer clean efficient power, comes with a very quiet 135mm fan. They are both very compact and will fit in any ATX case on the market, including most HTPC and SFF cases. These PSUs has lots of leads, the main motherboards leads are hardwired into the PSU, but there rest modular sleek looking flex cables.

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Has Your AT&T 3G Network Improved?

By now, you all are very aware of my decision to break up with my iPhone because of connectivity problems with AT&T’s network. Since then, others have complained and switched away from the iPhone as well. As expected, my breakup didn’t go down too well in some company quarters. I think AT&T could have foreseen that a device that one of its senior executives deemed a “game changer” would be so popular that it would choke its bandwidth.

Video Review #960: SilverStone TS01 2.5" HDD Enclosure

The SilverStone TS01 2.5" HDD Enclosure is all aluminum, weights 85g, supports 2.5" SATA HDDs, is compatible with USB2 and supports all current operating systems. This enclosure is very compact but well constructed so it's very sturdy. Watch the video to find out more.

Video Review #961: SilverStone TJ10 ESA Edition Case

The SilverStone TJ10 ESA Edition Case improves on the regular TJ10 case in that it's ESA-certified. The Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) is the industry's first open-standard PC monitoring and control protocol for real-time communication and control of system thermal, electrical, acoustic and operating characteristics. This case is very well constructed, made from solid aluminum, has fantastic air circulation and the motherboard tray is removable. It's simply one of the best cases money can buy! Watch the video to find out more.

Reduce standby power of PC peripherals

The TrickleStar™ PC TrickleSaver™ reduces the standby energy consumed by PC Peripheral equipment. The product connects to a PC via a standard USB connector and detects the power status of a PC via the USB port.

When a PC is powered the product will switch On all peripheral devices. Conversely when a PC is switched Off, the product will switch Off all peripheral devices. The product is easy to install and provides simple automation to reduce wasteful standby energy consumption.The product is suitable for residential and workplace PC applications.

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