Pepsi Introduces "Social" Vending Machines

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Posted: 5 years 25 weeks ago

"Pepsi recently announced that it will release a new vending machine that utilizes technology such as a full touch screen for beverage selection, and will allow consumers to use cash or credit. But the more notable addition to this high-tech vending machine is its use of social networking among Pepsi drinkers

In addition to simply selecting a soda for oneself to drink, the new vending machine also allows consumers to send soda to each other. Let's say a person wants to send a Pepsi to someone in another building that has the same vending machine, or even to someone that does not have the same vending machine. The consumer can enter the recipient's name, mobile phone number and a personal message into the vending machine, and it will send a text message to the recipient."



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a can of coke that connects to my facebook maybe?

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