Wendy's New "Natural" Fries Caught Using Chemical Stew

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Posted: 5 years 27 weeks ago

"But a BNET blogger has poked a hole in Wendy's claims of the fries being "natural". According to the report, the fries use a stew of exotic laboratory chemicals to improve the fries' appearance, flavor, and ease of cooking. The fries do away with the steam skinning -- ironically, one of the most "natural" parts of the average fast food company's fry manufacturing process. Chopped, the fries begin their chemical journey with a dip in sodium acid pyrophosphate. They're also powdered with slightly more natural D-glucose (crystallized from corn). Together the two components prevent the fries from browning during their first fry at the factory and their second fry at the restaurant. As BNET points out, this makes Wendy's fries less "natural" than some competitors. For example Five Guys' fries are only fried once and are made from fresh potatoes -- thus they don't suffer from the same browning issues, eliminating the need for the chemical dip."



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i ain't surprised tbh