Google Video Swept Out in Spring Cleaning

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Posted: 5 years 26 weeks ago

"Looks like Google is doing a little spring cleaning and the latest on flop service to be swept under the rug is Google Video. The Mountain View-based search behemoth announced via e-mail on Friday that it will be switching off its much forgotten video service on April 29. Users have until May 13 to download their videos before they are removed permanently. The e-mail quickly cuts to the chase and suggests that people use Google's slightly more popular video service: YouTube."



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rofl they have youtube...obvious news

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Yea, most of the older videos are not relevant anymore and I;m not sure they are worth uploading to YouTube. It would confuse many.

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Well I'm sure not a whole lot of people will be impacted if Rodney's older reviews get deleted. If it's that old, then you most likely wouldn't be wanted that product.

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This could be a concern for some of our older Video Reviews..

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