Toshiba releases self-erasing drives

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Posted: 5 years 28 weeks ago

"Toshiba Wednesday unveiled its first family of self-encrypting hard disk drives (HDDs) that can also erase data when connected to an unknown host. The new Toshiba Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) (models MKxx61GSYG) enable system manufacturers to configure different data invalidation options that align with various end-user scenarios.The new 2.5-in, 7,200 rpm drives are targeted for use in PCs, copiers and multi-function printers, along with point-of-sale systems used in government, financial, medical, or similar environments that need to protect sensitive information."



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buy some SSDs and erase...easier..

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The paranoid nerds have better ways to kill a drive, but at least with the Toshiba your house doesn't burn to the ground.

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The new drives are also targeted at paranoid computer nerds... The government is watching me! Hide! >.<