YouTube: Now Broadcast Yourself Live

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Posted: 5 years 27 weeks ago

"On Friday YouTube officially began the initial roll out of YouTube Live, the new live streaming service that will offer live video capabilities on the site. Starting this off is the introduction of the new browse page, where you can tune in to live events, subscribe to live-streaming partners, and add events to your calendar. According to a YouTube blog post issued yesterday, the plan is to gradually roll out the live beta platform, allowing partners with accounts in “good standing” to start streaming live content to the site.."


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i'm not a partner :(
i'm a sad simple youtuber with 60 vids and 4 on my tech channel

I have a gaming PC and all gaming consoles and it definately doens't get you laid!
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This is what I've been waiting for. Being able to stream live on YouTube will cut down on a lot of work for me, as opposed to using Ustream and then uploading to YouTube.

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