Epic: New Unreal Engine Warrants PS4, Xbox 720

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Posted: 5 years 29 weeks ago

"Mark Rein, Vice President at Epic has said that his company’s new DX11 Unreal Engine is a call for hardware developers to come out with next-generation consoles. Word on the street is that we’ll have to wait until 2015 to see the new Xbox 720 -- and the PS4? That’s not exactly set for a holiday release, either. However, it seems Epic is hoping its DirectX11 Unreal Engine demo will make console manufacturers want to pick up the pace. Speaking to Develop magazine, Rein said that the DX11 demo was a ‘love letter’ to hardware companies informing them that this is a “big leap” that “justifies that new piece of hardware.” What’s more, it’s what they need new consoles to be capable of and Epic is “giving them a roadmap.”"



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rofl...and when i hear rumors about the Wii only being updated to compete with an xbox 360..lame

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and what will we have by 2015 DX 12 probably or ARM vs X86 battle and how old is th xbox 360 and ps3 (3 years 4 years ) it is just such obsolete hardware

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And while the console gamers wait until 2015 (or later!), use PC gamers will be enjoying the magic of the new Unreal engine :D. It's also great that they're pushing console developers, I hate all the games coming out that are focused on consoles and us PC gamers just get console ports (Crysis 2, cough cough).