NZXT Beautifies Entire Lineup with Bright Pink

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Posted: 5 years 29 weeks ago

El Monte, CA – April 1, 2011 – NZXT, a company built on realizing the dreams of gamers worldwide, is proud to a new color palette available for all PC enthusiast components and accessories…Pink! 

“PC Gamers are typically stereotyped as dudes” said Johnny Hou, Founder and Chief Designer at NZXT.  “We feel it’s time for girl gamers to embrace their inner-fragger and join in on the fun!”

“Gamer Guys should embrace the bright pink craze knowing that the women in their life will be so much more accepting of marathon gaming sessions if they have a fabulous rig to play on” said Victoria Chiang, Marketing Manager at NZXT.  “Only a real man is manly enough to have a computer case that matches his salmon pastel shirt!”

For more information on NZXT’s lineup of passionately pink accessories, visit


They will be available….APRIL FOOLS!...or is it?

About NZXT
NZXT is a global brand established in 2004 as a PC hardware company built on the dreams of gamers.  Their unique lineup of award-winning gaming hardware is completely inspired by gaming culture with product designs driven by the worldwide community of PC Enthusiasts and gamers.  Combining unique design and unparalleled performance, gamers can find quality hardware representing their own style and personality in NZXT.







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so sweet, i'll get one for my brother xD

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I'd get it and make a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic themed PC.

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Yea, ladies and girly men ;)

Rodney Reynolds,

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There are some people that I know would love this.

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