World Backup Day: what are you doing to make sure you're covered?

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Posted: 5 years 29 weeks ago

"When you rolled out of bed this morning, did your thoughts turn to preserving your data in the case of hardware failure? If so, you either work with databases or you remembered that today, March 31, is World Backup Day. In fact, it's the first World Backup Day. The concept emerged from our sister site, reddit, where one intrepid redditor suggested the idea a week ago, and the reddit community quickly jumped onboard.

You may have heard it a thousand times before, but we'll take the grand occasion of a day devoted to the topic to once again remind you of the importance of backups. Given our history with computers, most of us at Ars have suffered hardware failures in the past. It's also very rare that we don't have a very recent backup to restore from, because there are fewer more irritating computing experiences than trying to piece together the shards of your digital life from multiple sources after your hard drive goes to the Great Enclosure in the Sky.

To celebrate World Backup Day, we're sharing our own backup methodologies—and occasional missteps—in hopes that they'll not only remind you of the importance of backing up, but maybe give you some ideas on how to do it as well..."



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is that a REAL day?? omg..

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I bet most people do nothing. Something Internet Security Software, many don't have it and if they do they don't keep it updated.

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I made a new NAS to backup my other NAS... My backup is so NASty :D