Is tablet fad killing PC sales?

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Posted: 5 years 30 weeks ago

"Acer has warned that its PC sales in the first quarter are short of expectations. The FT claims that this is highlighting the continued shift of consumer preferences in Europe and US from notebooks towards tablet devices. But Acer never said that. It did say that PC revenues were 10 per cent less than in the fourth quarter of last year, during which Acer suffered an 11 per cent year-on-year fall in revenues. Jenny Lai, head of Taiwan research at HSBC said that it shows that tablets’ cannibalisation of the notebook and netbook markets is definitely happening. If that was the case then the fall should be much greater as Acer relies on Netbooks."



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i think of it as healthy competition..they'll have to bring prices down right?

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I think you posted in the wrong thread? lol

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