State of the PC 2011: an Ars Technica Quarterly Report

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Posted: 5 years 31 weeks ago

"The PC industry is tightly coupled to and utterly reliant upon the world of semiconductors. As Moore’s Law grants ever more transistors, hardware progresses, becoming more advanced and more integrated. This has accustomed the whole world to an astonishing pace of innovation. The PC ecosystem always seems to be in a state of transition, moving from the old to the new and more efficient. 2011 is a year on the threshold and in the midst of many major changes—more so than in years past.

This quarterly report is a survey of recent and upcoming introductions and the resulting PC hardware landscape. Given the quantity and scope of innovations, we focus on the new hardware that will have the greatest impact. That generally means exploring new microprocessor (CPU) and graphics processor (GPU) designs, which embody new technologies and will spawn off whole families of products. This broader approach is more useful when looking at the PC ecosystem as a whole, as opposed to focusing on the subtle differences between each individual product variation with a family. We will also discuss the overall PC landscape in light of these new CPUs and GPUs and the long-term trends that they suggest.

Unfortunately, the tech world (and in particular PC hardware) is typically littered with an assortment of code names, product names and brands that are difficult to remember, let alone put in the proper context. While this profusion of terminology is sometimes useful for those inside the industry, it largely serves to obscure the view for the rest of the world. To aid in the discussion, we have prepared a chart which explains the relevant codenames...."



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