Rumour: AMD FX-series (Bulldozer) releasing June 11th

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Posted: 5 years 31 weeks ago

"Five years in the making, AMD's Bulldozer has gone through a slew of changes in schedule. According to the last report, Bulldozer's shipping date was suggested as June 20th. Now, DonanimHaber is introducing a new date - June 11th. AMD's 9-series motherboards will release in May, presumably during Computex 2011 time. Around this time, AMD's FX series is expected to be officially announced and dated."


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ONLY compete with i7?? oh come is already planning ivy bridge and more..

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5 years in the making and its said to compete with the i7's

to me thats sad

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it'll be AM3+ Motherboard for Bulldozer CPU, You can't use Bulldozer cpu in AM2+ or AM3, however you can use AM3 cpu in the AM3+ Motherbaord.

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Is this 'bulldozer' CPU like the sandy bridge or ivy bridge of intel? and will they be able to be used on AM2+ motherboards? yeah I still have one of those =)

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It's been 5 years in the making, can't wait.

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