BioWare Employees Write Reviews; Gets Caught

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Posted: 5 years 32 weeks ago

"What's worse: a gaming site giving a cruddy, just-released title a favorable review based on gifts and donations by publishers, or an employee of the game's developer secretly posing as a mere consumer and writing perfect-ten review?

Unfortunately, both scenarios are prime examples of how the gaming industry unsuspectingly slithers into your wallet.

While we've heard all about the former scenario of reviewers putting on a positive spin thanks to publisher promises, threats, gifts and whatnot, the latter scenario—developers posing as consumers and writing prefect reviews-- popped up over the last few days. The game in question is Dragon Age 2, published by EA and developed by BioWare."



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From what I've seen of Dragon Age 2, don't waste your money buying it.

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bad bad reviewer!