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"What has been clear from this year's Game Developers Conference is that consoles are beginning to show their age. With nothing beyond a possible Nintendo update on the horizon, developers at this year's GDC have turned their eyes to the PC. The article includes three videos that give a fantastic insight into where PC graphics are headed, including a version of Epic's Unreal engine, Crytek's Cryengine 3, and DICE's Frostbite 2 engine. Considering that these leaps in eye candy are only possible with the current state of PC graphics, we wonder how long consoles will be the target platform for development of blockbuster games."




Nice that the PC will get more attention, I'm proud and happy I built my own gaming PC about a year or two ago(budget but nice).

I've seen a gameplay trailer of Battlefield 3 recently and I think it's not going to get much better than that until games use VR(virtual reality), honestly.

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xbox and ps3 = DX9
Wii = DX minus 2

eh consoles will update sooner or later and then blockbuster games will concentrate on consoles again..

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Well, no surprise here.

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PC rule, but M$ is rumored to have the next gen gaming console in the works.

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PC FTW! It will never die because the games are made on PC xD