Apple Employees Can’t Help But Gloat About The New iPad

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Posted: 5 years 32 weeks ago

Is it just us, or are Apple employees getting cockier with the release of every new product? If you were hoping that Apple would get more humble with the release of the iPad 2... You are going to be sadly, sadly mistaken.



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WHY anyone would get an iPad2 is beyond me. It doesnt support flash so half the websites arnt even viewed properly,

They're cocky because they know the Blackberry Playbook is the best choice out there. With flash support there is hardly any need for basic appz apple has a billion of...

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you talk about employees being cocky, i think steve was even more...he acted like he gave life to something!
personally im gonna get an ipad 2, been waiting for it since the 1st ipad, i never take 1st gen products

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Love Conan! ...also love my Xoom... MUAHAHAH

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LOL.. that's a good one!

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