Intel Announces $5B USD 14nm Fab, 4,000 New Arizona Jobs

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Posted: 5 years 35 weeks ago

"Late last week Intel CEO Paul Otellini was named to President Barack Obama's jobs council.  This week he went to work announcing that he would be creating a bunch of jobs. Intel announced [press release] plans to open a $5B USD semiconductor fab, dubbed Fab 42.  Fab 42 will be located in the desert, near Chandler, Arizona, alongside the currently active Fab 32 that produces Intel's Sandy Bridge chips.  The new fab will create chips on an incredibly small 14 nanometer (nm) process, shrunk considerably from the 32 nm process that current-generation Intel CPUs are constructed on. "



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14nm! that's the processor i want next

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Finally some good news about jobs. I'm glad things are turning around a bit.