Teenage Boy Murders Mother Over PlayStation

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Posted: 5 years 35 weeks ago

"A tragic story hit the news today about a teenage boy who killed his mother after she took away his PlayStation. Last November, the day after Thanksgiving, Rashida Anderson and her son 16-year-old son Kendall had a 90-minute argument. Rashida took away his PlayStation as punishment. After his mother went to bed, Kendall paced for three hours in the South Philadelphia home before he decided to attack his mother in her sleep. He hit her with a claw hammer 20 times. The hammer attack didn't kill her, so Kendall dragged his mother down to the kitchen and tried to cremate her using the oven..."



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Ok, this better not be blamed on the video games, that kid was crazy to start out with

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It made sense late last night. ;)

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sick..demon possessed child..something not human..

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The ad for the ps3 under this article is priceless.

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What a sad world we live in....