Researchers Study Sex and Pregnancy in Space, Say it Will be Hard

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Posted: 5 years 35 weeks ago

"Looking to penetrate deep into realms where scientists seldom explore, NASA biophysicist Tore Straume [profile] (Ames Research Center), radiation expert and particle physicist Steve Blattnig (Langley Research Center), and Cary Zeitlin [profile] (Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory), explored the logistics of sex and procreation in space.  Their conclusions?  It would be hard -- very hard."

James Bond and Dr. Goodhead perform zero-g docking manuevers in the movie "Moonraker"  (Source: United Artists)



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there is a selution for this just join 1 of the 2 on the wall and some gabbing handles + something for your feets not hard at all than but not much variety ether

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oh my god..
looking to penetrate..deep..into realms..that was very catchy

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