Portal 2 Pre-orders Begin, Are Apeture Science's Recommended Valentine's Day Gift

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Posted: 5 years 36 weeks ago

"If you disagree with buying chocolates, flowers or diamonds to give as Valentine's Day gifts, you'll be delighted to hear that Apeture Science has produced serious scientific research supporting your beliefs. Apparently, the perfect gift is pre-ordering a copy of Portal 2 ahead of its April 20 release. Coincidentally, pre-orders for Valve's first-person puzzler began today, with various bonuses offered by different retailers..."

Not sure what to give your loved one for Valentine's Day? This excellent and informative video from Portal 2 developer Valve has a few ideas, not to mention several terrifying facts.



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why didn't i think of that before
thats a cheap valentine's gift for my gf
who needs flowers

I have a gaming PC and all gaming consoles and it definately doens't get you laid!
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This game comes out on my birthday. :) I will be getting it for sure, absolutely loved the first one.

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Good thing I own a PS3 :D! Now I can play with my family while they're downstairs on the PS3.


dont pre order on steam if you have a ps3. If you buy the ps3 version, you will get a free cd key for the PC version as well!