Microsoft says RIP Windows XP AutoRun

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Posted: 5 years 36 weeks ago

"Microsoft has finally decided to push out a Windows update that should stop attempts to exploit AutoRun - a feature of its operating system that fires up any program once a USB or CD is inserted into a computer. In recent years hackers have increasingly turned to AutoRun, which permits programmers to deliver instructions via Autorun.inf files to run programs without first gaining user permission. The problem for Microsoft was that while the obvious solution was to disable AutoRun, it was considered a legitimate feature, which happened to be exploited by the Conficker worm, Rimecud and Taterf."




Lots of people still use that os and shop online and have personal info on their computers that they want to keep safe. I have a friend using a Pentium 3 1gz with win xp to browse the web, Yeah it's slow for our standards but not for what she is doing it's fine and it would be silly to upgrade on such and old system to a copy of windows that cost more then the computers worth.

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isn't it kinda too late to care about XP exploit now..

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