The HIS 6950 Fan 1GB GDDR5 Has Landed on Earth..

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Posted: 5 years 36 weeks ago

TODAY, Hightech Information System launches its 6950 Fan 1GB graphics card. Loaded with the 6950 GPU, the 1GB supplies you an unbelievable performance at lower costs.

HIS 6950 Fan 1GB GDDR5 accelerates advanced PC gaming by running at 800MHz core clock speed and 5,000MHz memory clock speed. Loaded with1408 stream processors and high-end technology such as AMD HD3D, Eyefinity 4, EyeDefinition and EyeSpeed, the 1GB version allows our enthusiastic gamers to experience incredible performance scalability with a more affordable price.

HD3D Stereoscopic Technology

HD3D technology transmits two separate images to each of your eyes at the same time at a resolution beyond 1080p. Supported with HD3D glasses, this technological innovation comes with Stereo 3D gaming, Blu-rayTM 3D, 3rd Party Stereo 3D middleware software and 6900 Series GPU support.

The Three Pillars
·    Get immersed with AMD Eyefinity technology
·    Get amazing EyeDefinition graphics with DirectX® 11 technology
·    Speed up applications and enjoy brilliant video with AMD EyeSpeed technology

The model will be available on February 18th.

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:( it makes me think that the 2 monitors i gotta buy for eyefinity are going out of stock..they were 16:10 screens

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