AMD to Intel: Your Chipset Woes are Helping Us

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Posted: 5 years 15 weeks ago

"In late January, Intel explained that it had uncovered a SATA problem with Cougar Point that could cause performance degradation over time. As a result, Intel stopped shipment of the affected chipsets, will take a charge of roughly $1B, and won't start shipping updated chipsets to its partners until later this month (volume shipments to customers will come later)."

Not surprisingly, AMD is profiting greatly from Intel's gaffe according to Fox Business News. "We have some customers and retailers who have come to us specifically as a result of Intel's chip problem," stated AMD exec Leslie Sobon. "Some retailers have had to take things off their shelves, so they call us to ask what they could get from our OEMs that's similar. And OEMs are asking us for product, as well."



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Y'know what? Even though the Cougar Point has this sata bug, I see no significance to it. I'm running a P8P67 pro which has 2 other sata controllers (both sata 3 and sata 2) built in. All my hdds (and even by blueray burner) are all plugged into SATA 3 ports. Won't stop me from using the SATA 2 ones if I need them min a pinch, but really i see no point worrying about it.

Perfectly happy with my I7-2600K sandy bridge running on the cougar point chipset. 4.4Ghz without even having to touch voltages or run uber cooling is noting to sneeze at. To me it far outweighs this insignificant bug.

It is so insignificant to me that I didn't even bother to register for the mass rma. If it breaks, I will rma it, but until then everything works just fine for me as it is.

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ive been amd fanboy for years now. Intel is good, im not in anyway rich enough to own good intel chipsets.
AMD is for the common man who wants quality with a bargain budget.

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Can't wait for AMD Bulldozer to show up.

And as for that advertises an ad based on keyword(s), thanks for the laughs. Maybe I'll own one as a collection of CPUs (just joking). :)

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thats pretty obvious
Intel probably lost some market shares..and the new sandy bridge isn't the real evolution to come..waiting for 2011 socket

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