Only 39% Curse At Their Computers?

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Posted: 5 years 36 weeks ago

"That's what we are to believe based upon a survey of 14,284 individuals conducted by security vendor Avira. That survey found that 39 percent of respondents 'cursed or yelled at the computer out loud.' And no computer is needed to calculate the implication: 61% of those participating in the poll believe themselves to have never once uttered a profanity or raised their voice in the direction of a malfunctioning machine. Are the majority of us genuinely possessed of such remarkable self-control? Or might some of these self-reported stoics be exercising a bit of selective memory?"



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Yeah save this for the next poll. :)

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i curse at my PC..if i don't curse i slap the bottom of my mouse on the mouse pad..very lightly..cause its a new mouse

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Are you sure it's not 93% ;) This will make a nice poll :)

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