Verizon Wireless to Throttle Data Usage for Downloaders in the "Top 5%"

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Posted: 5 years 37 weeks ago

"Verizon Wireless won't make any new friends with this latest move to swat down heavy downloaders

When Verizon Wireless announced that the iPhone 4 would be coming to its network, the company made sure to make everyone know that its network was prepared to handle the onslaught of new devices. After all, Verizon Wireless is home to numerous Android devices which themselves tend to be data hungry.

Today, however, we're getting news that Verizon Wireless has plans to keep its network "in check" to ensure that it doesn't run into the same roadblocks as AT&T. Boy Genius Report noticed that the company has posted a new notice on its site [PDF] that targets heavy downloaders:"



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Looks like internet is better off for the gimps that don't understand how to use it other than streaming video on youtube, farmville on Facebook and the constant reminder to learn at Wikipedia. Yes sir, you better get back to your local game store because downloading a game here will cost you.

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why try to win all the country's users if you know that your network can't handle it perfectly..
i feel lucky with my old K750 phone and 20$ a month fee

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