DICE makes PC owners unhappy

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Posted: 5 years 37 weeks ago

"Cancels Battlefield 1943 & BFBC2 Onslaught add-on After a lot of waiting and promises from DICE, the studio officially announced that they were officially cancelling the PC versions of Battlefield 1943, and the PC version of the Onslaught add-on for Battlefield Bad Company 2. Both had been said to be in development for PC Battlefield fans.

The news from DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson on the DICE blog confirms the vague rumblings that we have been hearing for several weeks that a decision had be made to cancel the PC versions of 1943 and Onslaught because the resources were needed to work on Battlefield 3."



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ehh...kinda sad for BFBC2 add-on..it's made to be a PC game and they cancel that on PC -__- shame on you DICE..
you better not cancel BF3 or i'll rip your guts out

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I really don't have a problem with this to be honest. The latest add-on is fun, but I'm sure there are fans that want to play the 3rd game sooner rather than later.

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