Video Quality Tested: GeForce Vs. Radeon In HQV 2.0

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Posted: 5 years 16 weeks ago

"We’ve used the HQV benchmark version 1.0 for a few years now, and have only recently adopted the newer 2.0 version for some of our reviews. The latest build is far more complex and demanding than the original benchmark, but the raw scores don’t mean much unless you understand how to interpret them. Because of this, we’re taking our readers through a step-by-step explanation of the HD HQV Benchmark, version 2.0.

We don’t just explain the significance of the individual tests, but we also test a broad cross-section of relevant graphics cards out there today. By the end of this article. you will understand the significance of the individual HQV 2.0 scores and know which graphics cards excel when it comes to HD video-playback quality.

We’re not going to waste a lot of time with preliminaries, so let’s jump straight in to driver settings...."



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Even if I want to play old games (2008 or earlier) at 1920x1080 with max AF and very little AA, I would love to buy one of the PowerColor AX5770 1GBD5-IDH Single Slot video card from Newegg. :) Of course, that's provided I have decent air cooling in my HTPC, although I won't be playing games that are heavily demanding.

It'd be great to get that video card with all that nice video quality enhancements.

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thats a nice win for AMD, wonder how much the 6900 series has

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