HighPoint Launches RocketHybrid HBA's - Powered by Marvell HyperDuoT Technology

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HighPoint Launches RocketHybrid HBA’s – Powered by Marvell HyperDuoTechnology

Milpitas, CA - January, 2011 - HighPoint Technologies, Inc. launches its Smart Hybrid HBA’s product line. These ground-breaking PCI-E 2.0, SATA 6Gb/s HBA’s combine solid state disks (SSD) with hard disk drives (HDD), into single, high-speed storage solutions, optimized for performance hungry workstations and applications. Smart Hybrid HBA’s allow users to take advantage of the gigabyte-unit cost savings of a HDD’s combined with the performance of SSD, without sacrificing capacity.

Marvell®6Gb/s SATA HyperDuoTechnology

HighPoint’s RocketHybrid HBA’s are powered by Marvell’s cutting-edge SATA 6Gb/s 88SE9130 IC and revolutionary HyperDuo technology. This technology was designed to aid SSD’s acceptance into the mass-market by addressing the cost and capacity issues associated current SSD storage. Current hybrid approaches of combining SSD’s and HDD’s for use as boot drives, do not provide the consistent, high-speed file access required by high-performance applications, such as gaming or media editing.


HighPoint RocketHybrid HBA’s

HighPoint’s RocketHybrid HBA's combine the superior performance of an SSD, with the cost-effective, high-capacity value of a SATA HDD, into a single storage device known as a HyperDuo virtual drive. HyperDuo virtual drives are optimized for secure, high-performance computing, and deliver 80 percent of the SSD’s performance boost, with 100 percent of the HDD’s capacity.


RocketHybrid 1220 and 1222 SATA 6Gb/s PCI-E 2.0

Two RocketHybrid HBA’s are available at launch: the RocketHybrid 1220, which provides two internal SATA ports for standard PC’s, and the RocketHybrid 1222, which provides two eSATA ports for use with external disk enclosures. RocketHybrid controllers are true SATA 6Gb/s, PCI-Express 2.0 HBAs; they are capable of supporting the latest SATA and SSD storage devices, while remaining fully backwards compatible with SATA 3Gb/s and PCI-E 1.0 hardware. The RocketHybrid HBA’s are ideally suited for use with Home NAS, Gaming PC’s and Media Workstations.


Availability and Pricing

HighPoint’s RocketHybrid HBA’s are available from a world-wide network of distributors, retailers and solution providers. The HBA’s will become available in February, 2011.





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I guess there is a niche market to have the speed of SSD and the storage size of HDD.

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i can't put my finger on it..there's SSD and HDD..but a combination of both in one..i dunno if that's futureproof

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