Sensitive Nanowire Skin Can Feel Your Touch

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Posted: 5 years 38 weeks ago

"If you prick it, does it bleed? Not really, but it'll definitely feel the sting. While advances in science and special effects have resulted in prosthetic limbs and latex masks that look realistic, there's always been the problem of simulating the sensitivity of skin. Well it looks like that little problem has just been solved, thanks to Ali Javey from University of California. The electrical engineering and computer science professor has developed a method for creating nanowire electronics that has as much sensors as you have nerve endings."



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i keep thinking google is the future...
now they have robo skin...
android is skynet!
Save john conner!

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Feel my touch baby

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Why is it that all I can think about are the applications this will have on the sex toy industry? lol

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