Scientist develop way of spotting flashers

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Posted: 5 years 39 weeks ago

"Boffins fed up with people getting their kit off on chat sites have developed a new algorithm that will allow sites to nip the nudity in the bud. Video chat services such as Chatroulette which randomly link the webcams of people who visit the site have been doing well but it has been plagued by people who want to show their genitals... Now Xinyu Xing at the University of Colorado at Boulder and a few pals have come up with a "flasher detection" algorithm that spots the offenders, allowing them to be kicked out. Spotting flashers is harder than it might appear particularly when you have 20,000 users on the site at any time." | more



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what if the guy has a malformation in his private area and software doesnt detect that? LOL

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Awww man, they are trying to kill my evening fun with the 18+ adults. As for the kids, I agree this sort of software is needed.

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