Gigabyte P67A-UD7 Motherboard Review

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Posted: 5 years 40 weeks ago

"The Gigabyte P67A-UD7 is based on Intel’s P67 Express chipset and LGA1155 socket. It is therefore compatible with Intel’s Core i5 / i7 2xxx series parts. Like the P55 Express chipset before it functions such as the memory controller and PCIe controller have been moved into the CPU’s die. Thus simplifying the chipset design. Like Westmere based Core processors, these new Sandy Bridge based Core i5’s and i7’s have integrated video. Though you need a motherboard with the actual monitor port to use it. Additionally there have been some improvements to the chipset, most notably is support for SATA 6G devices. Two of the six ports are SATA 6G capable and the rest are only 3G ports. Memory support has been increased to 32GB using 8GB DIMMs...Gigabyte seems to have pretty much abandoned its blue and pastel color scheme opting for basic black..." | more



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I would love for 3DGM to get some boards done , i mean , it's all been a lot of other stuff but that's fine :p ... i didn't saw a mobo in long time.

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32 gigs of memory? Anyone for 24 virtual machines (running at 1GB per virtual machine) in an Ubuntu Server?

Okay, just kidding. But you do need a 6-core processor, though. :)

Of course, I bet that motherboard is very expensive.

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Can still add alot of memory, but you are right that it's not 6 rows. Hmmmm.. would there be a noticeable drop in memory bandwidth?

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Andreas Hofer
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The heatsinks look a lot like some of those dark chocolate bars.....very delicious. But only 4 rows for memory?

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it makes my Asus P6T6 WS Revolution looks old

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I liked the blue and white boards, but black and gold looks pretty cool.

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I don't normally post hardware reviews from other websites, but something about this board looks sweet with the black and gold. :)