New Camera Mimics Human Eye

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Posted: 5 years 40 weeks ago

"The eyeball camera works by placing the simple lens and the photodetectors on a flexible substrate where a hydraulic system changes the shape of the substrates as necessary, which controls the zoom. Underneath the membranes of the simple lens and detector are chambers filled with water, and when water is taken from the detector's chamber, a normally flat detector surface turns into a concave hemisphere. Putting water into the lens' chamber turns the normally flat lens a convex hemisphere. Researchers coordinate the curvature of the lens and the detector in order to create an image that is magnified and in-focus." | more



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how many megapixels :p

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I typed in eyeball and we get a microphone.. lol

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I saw the microphone with webcam at American Musical Supply when I was looking at condenser microphones.

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