Anime Babes from Sailor Moon to Rei Ayanami

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Posted: 5 years 39 weeks ago

"Over the course of the past two years, we've seen the burlesque performers from Devil's Playground channel fan favorite characters like Link and Zelda (Video Game Girls), Catwoman (Comic Book Vixens), and, of course, the Stormtrooper from their now-infamous Star Wars tribute that took place one year ago. On January 8, the ladies took on Anime Babes." | more



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Oh the secret is out! Anime is popular even with teh sex, someone watch out before Rodney Jumps on the cosplay bandwagon. Actually I'm gonna cosplay Rodney with a Removable motherboard tray in my hand.

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i was like 6 when i watched sailor moon..innocent i can't seem to watch 2min of it without thinking "mmm sexy"

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