Son drowns while mom indulges in Facebook gaming

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Posted: 5 years 40 weeks ago

"Well, you gotta have priorities in life A one year old son of Denver woman Shannon Johnson drowned in the bathtub while his mother was busy roaming the wonderfully egocentric world of Facebook. The mother checked on the boy once in the 10 minutes after which there were three silent minutes. Johnson went to check and found that the boy has drowned." | more



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some really don't know what being a parent is..
just get a tamagoshi and if you're sick having to raise the little monster after a day, forget being a parent

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That's just sad. She deserves the punishment and sodemy she's going to get in prison.


You don't leave a 1 year old kid alone....10 minutes ? WTF

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That is just sad... another life lost to the hands of facebook.

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