OCZ to Quickly Exit DRAM Market, Focus on SSDs

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Posted: 5 years 40 weeks ago

"OCZ Technology, once primarily known for its DRAM/memory products, has in recent years expanded its product portfolio to include cooling products and power supplies. Another product category that has seen large gains for the company has been the SSD market. OCZ Technology saw a 325 percent increase in revenues from its SSD business for fiscal Q3 2011 versus the previous year. Q3 2011 SSD revenues were also up 105 percent compared to Q2 2011. "SSD revenue accounted for 78% of our revenue and just by itself exceeds our historical quarterly revenue totals across all categories, thus reinforcing our decision to discontinue our remaining DRAM products," said OCZ Technology CEO Ryan Peterson." | more



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My guess is they are losing big time to companies like G.Skill (which is cheap and good) or Corsair (which is costly, but well known and respected). OCZ is really somewhere in-between.

My builder had a bad experience with OCZ compatiblity, went with G.Skill and had zero problems. OCZ ram is probably an overall good product, but money talks. I guess they don't feel the resources spent on it are worth what it brings in.

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hope not everyone start doing that..

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good move I would say, haven;t had the best experiences with OCZ Gold ram, can't say anything about their SSD's though, last time I checked, they are dominating!


Good stuff...
I had a hard time to trust that OCZ ram stuff...on the other hand, their SSDs are nice!

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I don't see why they would drop their memory production line honestly. Even if it is a small amount it's money they earn that would otherwise go to some other company.

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I have OCZ RAM, its good stuff.
I suppose next time I build a new computer I will have to get Corsair or something.

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anyone see this article a little odd mentioning sales results for 2011 instead of 2010?