Woman Arrested For Molesting 13-Year-Old Xbox Friend

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Posted: 5 years 40 weeks ago

"Every once and a while, a case pops up where a pervert used video games to lure in children to be molested. A while back some guy in Taiwan used a Wii for such ill purposes, and an American man used his role as an Xbox Call of Duty: World at War clan leader to try to lure children in. In other incidents, predators have been caught trolling the Xbox Live and Sony PlayStation Network looking for victims." | more



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lure me lady, i'm 24 xD

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100 friends is not enough i guess

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lucky boy i might say lol

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Every boys dream is to experience something with an older woman but this is just sick! Luring childred over a console? *ucking sick and twisted people out there!!!

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They are climbing in our windows.. playing your Xbox, so hide your kids hide your wife..

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