"Exploit now, pay later": music labels finally pay artists

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Posted: 5 years 41 weeks ago

"The dispute concerns something called "pending lists" maintained privately by the major labels. Since 1988, it has become increasingly common for the labels to simply issue CDs (often compilation albums) without actually locking down the copyright permission and pay arrangements with the music's creators. Instead, the music is offered for sale, the labels collect the money, and they put the songwriters on the "pending list" to clear up the details later." But in many cases, there was no "later." The pending lists have climbed to around CAN$50 million in money that was due to artists but never paid out, something that the musicians describe as a "systematic 'exploit now, pay later, if at all' approach." | more



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music labels are like banks, insolent fraud people

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poor Lime wire staff =(